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Isabell (22) - Escort in Stuttgart / Germany

Isabell, Age 22

Stuttgart / Germany


  • 170 cm
  • caucasian ethnicity
  • athletic body
  • blond hair
  • green eyes
  • completely shaved
  • speaks German and English
  • 3 years escort experience


Starting from 250 EUR per hour
up to 1.200 EUR for a full day

Available to


Isabell likes

champagne, local cuisine, roses, traveling

Isabell also likes

DOM, TOY, MAS, HDJ, BJC Glossary
Isabell, Age 22, Escort in Stuttgart / Germany. She is 170 cm, has blond hair, green eyes and has a athletic body. Isabell speaks German and she likes champagne, local cuisine, roses and traveling. Isabell is available for Outcall.

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