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How can I protect myself from scammers?

Are all the escorts real and all entries really current?

What means GFE, SUB, DOM, NCL, MAS, BJC, BCN, CIM etc.?

How can I contact a certain escort to send a booking request?

Help for Escorts

Is it really free?

What is the 30-days expiration policy?

How can I upload my photos?

Is my privacy protected?

Why is my Website URL hidden? It looks like www.**********.com

My phone number is not displayed on my profile - what is wrong?

Do I have to submit my real address?

Can I unpublish my entry e.g. when I´m on vacation?

Can I temporarily change my location when I intend to travel?

How to delete my entry when I no longer wish to work as escort?

How to backlink to HappyEscorts?

Can I earn a commission if I recommend HappyEscorts to my friends?

What can I do to get the attention of clients?

Help for Agencies

Can I really add my agency and 6 escorts for free?

My website URL looks like www.************.com. What is wrong?

The phone number is not displayed on my agency profile and on my escort´s profiles - why?

When a user contacts one of my Escort, will I receive these messages?

Can I temporarily unpublish a certain escorts if she is out of town?

Can my escorts have different website URLs?

How can I upload my agency logo?

Help for Escorts of the Week / Agencies of the Week

Where does my ad appear and how often?

Which payment options do you offer?

Do I receive an invoice / receipt?

Which advertising media are accepted?

Help for VIP-Escorts / VIP-Agencies

What is the difference between free membership and VIP?